The Quarantine Journals: Darren & Louise in Los Angeles, California

The Quarantine Journals: Darren & Louise in Los Angeles, California

In this weeks volume of the Quarantine Journals, we catch up with our friends Darren and Louise and daydream of sun-soaked summer adventures.  Originally from Florida and France, respectively, the couple now calls Echo Park home.  From the backroads to the beach, they explore their favorite hidden spots around Los Angeles in the Leisure Shorts!


Darren & Louise in Los Angeles, California

Darren & Louise in The Leisure Shorts

Louise in the Cream Ripstop Jem Hat


-What does your creative process look like?  How has it changed/evolved over the years and since you've lived moved to LA?

(D) No “process” I just wait for inspiration to hit or not. But California was a dream and now it’s a reality, as I get older it’s becoming easier to write the truth. 

-Current projects you are working on?

(D): Currently writing my new LP for The Tyde, started writing in France last fall, almost finished.  Also trying to also finish a RADERSON record with John Anderson!


-Who are some of your current favorite artists/makers/people  that inspired you?  

(D): Jimmy Buffett, pretty much is my bag right now, there’s more to him than Margaritaville and parrots!
(L): Barry White, always and forever.

-What good things have you seen come out of quarantine? 
(L): I've realized I don’t need much stuff. Also being less on social media has made more room for others things and being more present, and i like that.

-Any other thoughts you'd like to share?

(D):Be nice.