Pearl Charles x Lykke Wullf

Pearl Charles x Lykke Wullf
Reading about your music I realized your and Lykke Wullf are inspired by similar ideas and culture. 1960s rock n rock and old time country seem to be themes of both of ours. Is there anything else that inspires you and your music?
-When I first started playing in bands I was really into old-time music, but over time my interests progressed chronologically to the 1960s, where country began mixing with rock & roll and psychedelia. I feel like my tastes have continued to develop and my new record has more '70s and '80s soft rock and disco influences, while hopefully being simultaneously present and timeless.
What do you do when/go when you feel like you need a boost of inspiration and creativity?
-I take any opportunity I can to get out of town, whether it's halfway across the world or just quick a road trip. Though I love traveling to new places, my mom has a house in Joshua Tree, which is basically our backyard here in LA, so the desert is probably the place I go most often to escape the city, get out of my head and take a solo "trip", if you know what I mean ;)
If you could go to any band/musician's show, alive or dead, who would it be?
-I've made it my mission to see as many of my all-time favorite bands as possible while they are still around and I've been lucky enough to have gotten to catch quite a few of them. I went to Desert Trip last year which was pretty much the ultimate lineup for me (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Paul McCartney AND The Rolling Stones, not sure how you could top that!), but seeing Prince, ELO, Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles were all up there alongside that experience. I unfortunately never got to see David Bowie while he was alive so I think I'd have to choose him.
What drew you to becoming a musician?
-I was initially encouraged by my parents, who are both artists, to pursue any creative interests I might have. They could tell I loved music and performing from a young age so I started with piano lessons and musical theater. As I got older I got more into rock & roll, whether it was songwriting or playing in bands, which was far more enticing to me than more traditional music styles like musical theater, classical or jazz.
As a fellow lover of thrift shopping and vintage clothing, what's your most prized vintage score?
-The best piece of clothing I've ever found in thrift store is probably a cloud-print white pure silk Chinese kimono with an embroidered dragon on the back in perfect condition. The best deal I've ever gotten at a vintage store was a Sgt. Pepper's style red marching band jacket for $10. The best vinyl I ever bought from a thrift store was an album by a band called Dinsmore Payne that at the time I couldn't find anything about online and the first track was called "Pearl". My favorite piece of vintage clothing that I wear the most often, aside from countless band t-shirts, are a pair of super high-waisted '70s Levi's orange tab bellbottoms.
Do you consider wardrobe and fashion a major part of your image as a musician? How do decide on an outfit for a gig?
-I've personally always loved a show that is just as striking visually as it is musically, so I've tried to carry that tradition on into my own shows with wardrobe and fashion. I love wearing custom pieces onstage, I have a dress made by my friend Anna Lakatos of Desert Sun Brand with my name printed on it and real Pearls sewn on which might be my favorite, but I love anything that sparkles and jumpsuits are definitely a go-to for when I'm performing.
What aspect of Lykke Wullf draws you to us?
-I've always loved western wear but many of the best vintage pieces I could find were made for men. Lykke Wullf has taken those designs and tailored them for the modern girl so that they feel updated and flattering for us ladies, but still classic.
All Photos taken by Taylor Raibolt, Hair & Makeup Hadia Kabir, Styling Janae Kennedy