The Quarantine Journals: Jesse & Merina in San Diego, California

The Quarantine Journals: Jesse & Merina in San Diego, California

In our seventh installment of The Quarantine Journals, we asked our friends Jesse and Merina what they have been up to in San Diego while in quarantine.  Let’s take a look ! 



Jesse & Merina in San Diego, California

-Give us a little background on you, where did y'all meet?

We first met in person in the glorious town of Mt Shasta, the halfway point from both of our homes. We drove 10 hrs to meet each other!!! Prior to that we met on the worldwide web…the ultimate 21st century love story eh? You know the saying love at first sight? The first time we facetime’d we knew it was forever. When we finally laid eyes on each other in real time it felt like magic and drugs. 



-What does your creative process look like?  How has it changed/evolved over the years?

J :: It can be hard at times because my creative process always comes to me when it wants to. Sometimes as an artist I can have a dry spell and sometimes I can have a boom. Now I am learning to create strictly from my want to create. I have learned to access my rebellious side.

M :: I’m extremely inspired by colour and nature. But who isn’t? I have an urge to create after lil trips. I find that I need to witness organic or urban landscapes, find new music, visit new places to be inspired then the creating flows outta me.



-Who are some of your current favorite artists/makers/people that inspired you? 

J :: Fela Kuti forever and old reggae vinyl.

M :: I’m really into Cumbia music right now…also Cambodian Turkish and Indonesian music from the 60s/70s. We like a lot of world funk n beats around here.-

-Comfort comes in many forms for us...  What are your favorite comfort foods and would you mind sharing your recipe? or a playlist for us? What has been bringing you comfort that you might want to share with others?

J :: the ocean…surfing, surfing, surfing.

M :: sunshine + ocean, my partner

-Current projects you are working on?

J :: Working on some big paintings, harvesting summer crops and seeds and preparing the ground for the fall crops. Possible backyard nursery coming soon!

M :: Always and forever working on my vintage shop Vetiver + Vintage. I have an upcoming outdoor market I am a vendor at so I need to get busy in addition to online shop updates.

-Favorite mediums, methods for creating?

 J :: Anything I can paint on really. I love garden designing. So, canvas and the earth.

M :: Textiles, photography, get dressed in the morning + cooking.


-How has the current climate changed your perspective on life, etc. (if at all)?

J :: It has revealed values and needs in many ways and actually how little I need. It has taught me the power of listening and at the same time never to be silent. I’ve come to see the importance again on growing your own food and keeping it local. Family has been huge in these times as well. Keep your circle tight and love your people fully.

M :: Simplify everything. I am trying to minimalize my life. Things, people, etc. Quality over quantity. Take care of yourself, your people and take care of the earth. Self-sufficiency over government dependency. A healthy balance of educating myself and checking out.

- What good things have you seen come out of quarantine if any? 

Well… amidst the heaviness in the world we just learned that we are expecting a baby 😊 The biggest blessing! We have seen deeper love come out of quarantine.



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